After giving information to students about biology, ecology, climatology, naturel and enviromental conceps and definitions; arising variable environmental problems due to natural and human reasoned, caused effects, solutions to these problems (air pullution, solid waste, land usage and environment, etc) are introduced to students. Also national and international environmental subjects introduced. So the main aim of the program; to provide avareness about importance of the environment, why it should be saved and any dangerous results when it is not saved and to provide working in the area of enviromental health.

Education Period: 2 years

Type of certificate: Associate degree

Number of Lecture classroom: 2

Required Qualifications Physical Requirements:
Physical requirements: Physical requirements should be satisfied for long time hard working in land areas and for laboratory conditions.

Skills: There should be capability for experimental studies. No special skill is required.

Interest: Nature love and interest

Internship applications and their durations during the education period in the school of health services:

Practical Studies during Semester II:

1. Water analysis (4 weeks)
2. Soil Analizleri (4 weeks)
3. Weteorology (4 weeks)
4. Radioactive wastes (3 weeks)

Summer practice:

Summer practice is 30 work days in summer holidays of I. and II. years.

Title: Health technician

Working areas: Civil government, environment ministry, public and private sectors. 

Future of vocation: 

Environmental problems in the last 10 years, our country is on the agenda, environmental technician is promising as a new branch. Because the issue of education that is similar to 4-year undergraduate programs in Environmental Engineering and Biology, such as the jurisdiction of the persons who have graduated from high school graduate with jurisdiction between persons, the level of technicians to service a "transitional element," is needed. Moreover, in Turkey by providing similar training elements of the intermediate section there is another train. Who graduated from this department for three years, graduated from the team to prove themselves with the expansion and will increase the demand for this profession.