SHORT INFORMATION ABOUT THE PROGRAMME: Paramedic is a health professional who is defined as the key of the health chain in the Emergency Health Services. Paramedic is an important part of the pre-hospital emergent care who is equipped with information in order to intervene the patient or the wounded who is generally in the critical situation, in accordance to ethical rules.

PURPOSE: The purpose of this programme is to train qualified human power in the institutions and organizations which serve emergency health services , particularly health agencies.


TYPE OF DIPLOMA: Front license



THE REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS AND PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF THE STUDENTS:The students who apply for the programme should obtain a health report from an official full-fledged hospital demonstrating that they have physical and psycological adequacy enough to have driving license; should have enough body structure and power for rescue and transport facilities and shold be over 17 years-old during registration as driving a class II vehicle is required in part of their education programme. The students who register this programme should wear the uniforms required by the profession.

INTERNSHIP APPLICATIONS AND THEIR DURATIONS DURING THE EDUCATION PERIOD IN THE SCHOOL OF HEALTH SERVICES: In the 1st class summer period 30 work days and in the 2nd class summer period 20 days mandatory applications and in the spring period of the 2nd class, five days of the week (A total of 14 weeks) hospital applications are performed.

TITLES AND WORK AREAS OF THE GRADUATES: The graduates of this programme receive the title of health technician. The graduates may work at the emergency aid units of the official and special institutions, central administrative units of the emergency health services, emergency aid stations, at the specially equipped ambulance services for emergent aid and patient transport and the control and command centers of the emergency services.

JOB OPPORTUNITIES: In the condition of winning the KPSS examination and appointing, the graduats may work as health technician in the official institutions and organizations as well as special health institutions and organizations.

THE FUTURE OF THE PROFESSION: Our students, after succesfully finishing the programme have right to practice undergraduate education if they succeed in the vertical pass examination performed by the Student Selection and Placement Center. The health institutions require qualified personnel in parallel to the developed technology and hence univercity graduates are preferred and in the future this preference is expected to be even more important.