Our students are accepted to our school with the Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS) Basic Proficiency Exam (TYT).

TRANSITION TO UPGRADE PROGRAMS (Horizontal-Vertical Transfer)

Horizontal Transfer: The transfer is made to the equivalent programs of universities if they meet the horizontal transfer criteria.

Vertical Transfer: Graduates of the Pathology Laboratory Techniques Program can complete their undergraduate education by transferring to the Biology, Bioengineering, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Emergency Aid and Disaster Management, Nursing, Nursing and Health Services departments specified in the OSYM Guide with the DGS exam.



In our school, midterm and final exams are made from the theoretical and practical courses that are required to be attended and course passing grades are determined. Our students must complete 120 ECTS credits.

OBJECTIVES: To train technical staff who have the knowledge and skills to carry out the processes in each of the preanalytical, analytical and postanalytical pathology laboratory stages of cell and tissue samples taken from hospital applicants, and who can apply traditional and modern techniques. At the same time, the ability of our students dealing with pathology, which is a very important field of diagnosing diseases, to follow developing technologies, to have problem solving skills, to be sensitive to ethical principles and to have strong communication skills is also an important part of our education.

BRIEF INFORMATION ABOUT THE PROGRAM: Our students can graduate by completing basic theoretical and applied courses such as Anatomy, Physiology, Cytology, Histology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Cytotechnology, Histotechnology, Pathology Laboratory Techniques Applications, Molecular Pathology Techniques, as well as practical courses such as Summer Practice and Professional Practice.

Education Period: The education period is 2 years and the language of education is Turkish.

Diploma type: Associate Degree

Internship Practices and Duration During Education in Vocational School: At the end of Term II, our students do 30 working days Summer Internship and 3 working days a week in Term IV in Practice and Research Hospitals affiliated with the Ministry of Health, university hospitals, private hospitals and private pathology laboratories. Applications G.Ü. It is carried out according to the principles of Health Services Vocational School Internship Directive.

QUALITIES REQUIRED IN STUDENTS: Those who are interested in biology and chemistry, can carry out teamwork carefully and patiently, work long hours indoors, are researcher and lifelong learning, and must be able to use hand and eye skills by successfully coordinating them.

TITLES AND WORKING AREAS OF THOSE WHO HAVE FINISHED THE PROGRAM: Our students graduate as a "Pathology Laboratory Technician" who has theoretical and practical professional equipment in a way that they can provide needs-oriented services in the field of pathology laboratory in accordance with international standards. Students who graduate from the Pathology Laboratory Techniques program, in line with the competencies they have gained in their chosen profession; He can work in pathology laboratories of universities, state and private hospitals, private pathology and cytopathology laboratories, Forensic Medicine Institution Pathology Laboratories, Faculty of Medicine Histology-Embryology Laboratories, Cytogenetics Laboratories, Molecular Pathology Laboratories and medical companies that supply materials to pathology laboratories.

Head of Medical Services and Techniques Department: Prof. Dr. Evrim Arzu KOÇKAYA

Program Director: Prof. Dr. Evrim Arzu KOÇKAYA

Program Staff:

Prof. Dr. Evrim Arzu KOÇKAYA

Prof. Dr. Bahtiyar BAKIR


Assoc. Dr. Elvan ANADOL

Lecturer See. Hazer YÜKSEKDAĞ


Number of Classrooms: 2

Number of Laboratories: 2

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